Tips to Creating Deluxe Wedding Invitations For Your Guests


When the nuptials have been set and a date has been put on the calendar, it is a time to extend an invitation to close friends and family members for a day to remember.

This is where couples will look to design deluxe wedding invitations, developing a product that will remain a lifelong keepsake for all recipients.

There will be some techniques that allow the couple to save on costs, but there are other methods that will produce a first-class card to be sent to loved ones.


Selecting a Deluxe Theme

There can be little difference between a generic theme for invitations and one for deluxe wedding invitations. Yet this is often where personal creativity and character comes into play. From destination themed weddings at a beach or resort to a seasonal style for summer or spring to an art deco styling, a watercolour presentation, a floral arrangement that exudes an exotic environment and nature to an intricate chalkboard design. The establishment of a theme will help to expedite the project as the colour scheme and font begins to take shape.


Texture That Can Be Tangible

For those couples who want to indulge themselves with deluxe wedding invitations, there are some styles that will help to provided an added layer of texture to proceedings. This can be sourced with engravings that can be presented on the front of the card, allowing for the name of the couple to be presented in big bold font with a signature text that literally jumps off the paper. A similar effect can be sourced with mixed metals, using a slate-coloured background or with rust-coloured paper that provides a rustic presentation complimented by a tangible texture.


First-Class Paper Materials

wedding invitation

The good news for couples is that sourcing a first-class paper set is easy when designing deluxe wedding invitations. Outside of the standard sets that are offered at bulk from printing outlets and shopping centres alike, almost any other form of paper can be classified as deluxe. From board and vellum brands to thermography sets, cotton fiber items, glassine and linen options to even recycled paper that offers a rustic and traditional aesthetic, it is worthwhile opting for a brand that provides a point of difference from regular paper packages.


Simple Message To Draw Focus To The Aesthetics

There is a key principle that should be respected when designing deluxe wedding invitations – keep the message simple to allow recipients to focus their attention on the beautiful product. Aside from the date, time, location, host details and RSVP and contact options, space should be optimised to allow the theme of the card to be showcased. That approach will also offer more leeway for designers who want to make small alterations with the text, offering some insurance with final details that can be added.


Working With a Reputable Provider

To truly engage a set of deluxe wedding invitations, this is a project that has to be seen by a reputable printing outlet or wedding specialist who works in conjunction with these manufacturers. They will know how to compliment the card with a set of envelopes, how to optimise the colour scheme and how the theme can be incorporated from start to finish. These experts will help to fill in the blanks and turn a general concept into a tangible end product for the client.


Once couples have engaged in these techniques, it is important to create the deluxe wedding invitations knowing who is exactly on the guest list. Having to return to a printer and generate more copies can be a costly exercise, so it is fundamental that the couple establishes not only how they want to present their message, but who they are looking to send the message to.